This Is The End

There is no point in being bitter about the last page of the closing chapter. You enjoyed reading every word, but you knew at some point that the words would finally run out. This book is over. Today officially marks the end of We Do Ideas, the business that I have been running for the past two years. It is…sorry, was the only youth-led innovation consultancy in the world. I would go into explaining exactly what that is, but I guess it would be futile to go into too much detail.

After attending the Phoenix Festival (have a look at the last post) it seemed like a fitting time to call it quits – it was almost like our last hurrah. And what a great way to end! As much as it has been tough and stressful, it has also been extremely rewarding and eye-opening. The last two years have indirectly opened up a lot of doors for me. Not only have they furthered my hunger to develop something successful on my own, but they have shown me that I have the capacity to do it.

It is a failure of sorts. A failure to establish a vision that we were extremely passionate about. A failure to convince others of how powerful the vision is, in order for them to invest their time and money into it. But failure is a damning word. As if there is nothing to resurrect from the fires of what once was. However, the world does not work like that – nothing is a complete failure, and nothing is a complete success. Or maybe those are the forlorn thoughts of a person who is trying to take the positives of a pretty difficult situation. But hey…you can’t blame a guy for trying!

It is no surprise to me that more small businesses fail than those that succeed. And out of those that supposedly “succeed”, many seem to limp along trying to make things meet. I guess that there are many others like me that are trying to hang onto the coattails of hope. Entrepreneurship, although it sounds it, is not at all glamourous. It is a lifestyle that will bit by bit seep into all areas of your life. You will see them, entrepreneurs, at events and behind the smiles and the fancy business cards is a person who is doing an 80 hour week minimum and getting paid basically nothing.

Nevertheless, it is the most exhilarating thing I have ever done. Because when something works well, which it does sometimes, it was down to you and your efforts. No babysitting. And it is not for the faint hearted…as if I have not given that vibe away already. A very small percentage of people will ever take the leap of going it alone or in a partnership (because putting it all on the line is not always attractive). An even smaller number will make a living out of it – but that is the gauntlet.

This book has finished, but I am no way close to putting down the pen. This is not a melancholy post about what has been, but a vow as to what will be. The next book has already begun to be written. Is this the end? No, this is just the beginning.

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