The Alternative Narrative

We all have an inside voice. Some of us have many. The interesting thing about this meta-narrative is that people generally consider it to be either extremely positive or negative. It either motivates or debilitates them. There seems to be no middle ground when I talk to people about this and it becomes a question of mental strength. Note that I didn’t say mental health.

It still fascinates me that we do not entertain the full capacity of our minds, and that if anything we mentally underperform considering the breadth of mental strength we have. Not to go into too much detail, but the ability of the brain to create unique connections through synapses far surpasses the capabilities of many other species. That is why we seem to have utmost control of our immediate environment.

However, we seem to be our own worst enemies. In a world where we are not challenged for authority by other animals, we tend to find the enemy within ourselves. Our ability to cope with adversity, especially within the understanding of our own weaknesses, is woeful. We choose to focus on the negatives, because we are surrounded by the similarities. Every organism that we come into close contact with (for the most part) has the same build as us, talks in a similar language and moves in a way that we ourselves frequent in.

We don’t see the narrative, because we take it for granted. As human beings, we are incredibly lucky to be a position of ultimate control. It is like growing up and suddenly being promoted to CEO and enjoying the spoils. We treat being human as a right, when it is in fact a culmination of thousands of moments of effort. For those who believe in karma, and more so in reincarnation, you will be aware of the idea that being born again as a human is the pinnacle of existence.

So why do we get distracted by the narrative? Why do we let the voice(s) inside us dictate the way that we behave? If, as a collective, we have been able to effectively colonise and populate the Earth with our own kind, it is crazy to think about the amount of conflict that we put ourselves in and reflect on other people. We press the self-destruct button when this narrative, our intuition, works against us like rubbing up a carpet the wrong way. We fray.

The most inspirational leaders make this alternative narrative work for them. The greatest sportsmen and women, business leaders and spiritualists understand that their self-talk is the difference between them getting up in the morning and winning…and pulling the covers over their eyes.

We are built to win. Yet, we underestimate our own abilities. It is time to turn that critic inside your head into a coach. And the quicker you start teaching yourself lessons, rather than berating your mistakes, the closer you are to being the pinnacle of existence.

That voice in your head is probably telling you to ignore this.

Take control.

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