It was an absolute privilege to design this magazine and I am really proud of it. Stephanie, co-director of the Warwick International Development Summit, asked me to make a publication the organisation would be proud of.

The first of its kind,  it was made in just 48 hours. The name “Millennium” comes from the UN development goals of the same name which ended in the year we began the magazine. The name fit perfectly and it has stuck since.

It combines 40 pages of great content and even more impressive visuals, as you can see above. It was picked up by many of the esteemed guests at the summit, as well as the delegates. Nearly 1,000 have been distributed in the last year alone.

Funnily enough, a leader of an NGO in Pakistan got in touch with me after the event to congratulate me on the work. She used the magazine to inspire young people there to create their own. It’s the best reference I’ve ever received.


Warwick International Development Summit

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