My Year (In Pictures)

“For some moments in life there are no words” D.M.

After a year of writing words, I thought it would be good to sum up with something else. This year was my year. The year when everything clicked…which I will look back and say, this is where my journey began. So on this final day of the 366 (leap year), I will share my 20 pictures for 2012. And thanking my stars that it didn’t end a week ago like the Mayans predicted…

1. “You’re a wizard Harry!” – I started the year with my cousins, from Texas, who came down for New Years for a particularly hilarious Harry Potter bus tour.

2. On my birthday, I was lucky enough to speak to Eddie Nestor on BBC Radio London 94.9FM about fairer press for young people. Look at ‘The Revolution Begins…with the BBC!


3. Then we went to the Royal Courts of Justice and we pleaded our case at the home of the Leveson Enquiry the next day.


4. Meeting Sir David Jason was a highlight. Especially at the House of Lords, as part of the Wings of Hope Achievement Award, raising money for charity.


5. And then the big one! Meeting possibly the most important monarch ever to have lived…even if it was only for 3 or 4 minutes. The Queen of England. See it in ‘The Day That I Met The Queen – Part 2’.


6. Wearing a chicken suit to Wembley is not something that I could do everyday. But I did in April, for the WOHAA finals. Got pretty hot in that suit (I am the one on the right – the fluffy one)


7. The launch of my company in March was an emotional experience. We Do Ideas was officially launched in March in HAMLEYS TOY STORE IN REGENT STREET. And it was bloody brilliant.


8. I was invited to judge the Lloyds Money for Life Challenge Grand Final 2012 which was at BAFTA. It was a huge honour and I got to meet a famous face. Ellie Crissell of the news!


9. The Diamond Jubilee was a massive event for us. Going to the flotilla and the parade really made headway for the start of the summer. “Jubes“.

"A fair amount of flag waving"
“A fair amount of flag waving”

10. The Youth Media Agency has been the other organization that I have working with this year and being a part of the YMA family is very important. This is me at the launch.


11. As a volunteer, I was invited to see the Opening Ceremony before everyone else. I will never forget the magical atmosphere from that day is July. “SPOILERS…

Danny Boyle on Stage
Danny Boyle on Stage

12. Seeing the Olympic Badminton event at Wembley was a dream come true after 4 years of waiting. Lee Chong-Wei, world number 1, was a happy bonus.


13. I never thought that I would ever get the chance to hold that golden torch in my hands. When I got the chance to, it was a beautiful moment. I will never get the chance again.


14. I loved every second of my week as a London Ambassador. It rekindled my pride for volunteering and for volunteers. They made the Games. And Eddie Izzard made my day.


15. October 11th was a year since I started my blog. This will be my 41st blog post and it is still going strong. “A Year Yesterday


16. I was freshly pressed by WordPress for my Diwali post “Shed Light” which brought a whole host of new people to the site. And 1,000 views in a day.


17. Going to Downing Street was a fantastic achievement – it really capped off my year going to the Spirit of London reception to see David Cameron. The Queen and the PM in the same year.


18.I was part of the team that won the Bank of England 2.0 Challenge in our area. It bodes well for my progress with Economics in the future. And the prize was chocolate. Win-Win.


19. Seeing my favourite band, performing at the 02 in front of a sell-out crowd was definitely one of the highlights. Mumford and Sons came home.


20. Finally, as a bit of a surprise, I was invited to a UNICEF debate on the rights of a child in the UK. It was great to finish the year on another high. Finally starting to make headway it seems. “This Is Our Chance




  1. Pooja 3rd January 2013 at 17:59

    Wow, Hiran..loved reading have had a really awesome 2012! Jealous :p

  2. Jennifer 3rd January 2013 at 23:41

    Your year has been CRAZY dude, I am astounded. Speechless.

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