This post may be inspired by the fact that I have spent a lot of time on a boat this week. Although all things considered it is pretty irrelevant. However, sitting on a beach that only a handful of people will ever set foot on, at the southernmost tip of the country gave me some thinking space. There is nothing like watching the world go by without you.

We forgot an anchor. So we couldn’t tie down the boat and had to make sure that it didn’t hit the rocks. All we had were ropes. Connections that were responsible getting us home, rather than leaving us shipwrecked. They couldn’t have been more than an inch wide, but the strength of those threads were the only things that were keeping us going.

Have you ever tried to cut a piece of rope? As soon as you slice through, each individual component starts to fray – you can never get a clean cut or tie off all of the loose ends. No matter how thick the rope is, it is never the same again after it has been cut. It is no longer a support or a connection – it is irrevocably broken, even if from a glance it looks okay.

Every relationship is a piece of rope. We tie them between ourselves so that when we fall into the water, they suddenly become taut so we don’t drown. They rely on each other, as do we. Each one is a different shape, size, colour as are we. But too many ropes pull us in different directions and weigh us down. If we do not look after them, then it is only a matter of time before they break. Yet sometimes, it is appropriate for us to cut them.

In the last year, I have cut a lot of ropes. A lot of them have frayed and lost their use, or loosened and have failed to be supports. At the time it felt extremely difficult. As if I was slowly cutting away the life support and heading into open water alone. But there are some weights that we just cannot take and are not good for us. Some connections that are not worth holding onto if they are pulling you further and further down.

You just have to take a deep breath and forget about the fray. Leave the loose ends. Just cut the cord and open your eyes. I promise you’ll get to the crimson horizon faster.

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