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I know from the title that this entry must seem like a frightfully boring account of the ins and outs of blogging with all the technical jargon and nonsense that comes with it, but it is not going to be like that. It is getting towards Christmas time and New Years so we are all thinking about resolutions, so I thought that I would make one on here. I have to admit, that my blog instinct has been a bit dry recently and so I must make a more conscious effort to write more on here. But the resolution that I wanted to make, was to inspire one more person to start writing next year, through what I say on here. It doesn’t have to be a public blog like this; it could be a diary entry or even just a post it on your wall once in a while. I didn’t really think it was possible at first, but then I had a chance encounter today, which made me feel that I should try and fulfil that resolution.

On my way in the evening to a meeting today (which was pretty cool, but irrelevant for now), I was wrapping up in the cold and assuming my silent position like every other person on the underground. Then I saw a young lady who I sort of knew well, we saw each other often, but rarely had the chance to have a conversation. We broke the status quo silence, much to the dismay of the man in front of me, and started to have general conversation about our plans for the evening. I am not sure how, but we ended up talking about the blog and how much she liked it, and how she had forwarded it on to a few people, and how they liked it. Like any writer receiving praise, my cheeks started to warm a little against the cold and I asked whether she had thought about writing. She said that she was unsure whether it would be coherent, a constant babble of thoughts in no particular order, and so she replied in the negative. The conversation lasted maybe five minutes, but it really inspired me to try and change her mind. So this young lady is for you…

Everyone’s thoughts go at a hundred miles an hour and unfortunately our fingers do not keep up – it is a bane of life. And even though that these thoughts seem to be in order, I can assure you that I am only writing this sentence as it comes to my head. No plan. Of course, it takes a bit of practice, and if my earlier blogs are anything to go by, then for me a LO T of practice to get it right. And you will never run out of things to say, as you start to write, things will pop up to you wherever you are and you will be compelled to put pen to paper. I know that you are quite an interesting person, well travelled, lots of experiences; if anything you are the perfect person to fit the job! You just need to start and I promise you that you won’t be able to stop. You might think that it is hard to be this honest to people you don’t know, as you don’t know who is reading it, and it is. But the beauty of it is that you have a platform to speak, to say what you feel in the way that you want to say it – I couldn’t think of a better thing for anyone to have. Think about all of those people that don’t have free speech, wanting to say something, but stopped…we are so privileged to not have censorship, we should celebrate this fact by making our voice heard in any way we can. I realise that this is starting to get a little preachy, so I am going to tone down the reverend act. I also realise that you may be writing any way and so this may be quite patronising. Although, hopefully this will have been some use to you young lady, and even though we had such a short chat, I want you to know that you inspired me to write this.

Many of the other people may be thinking who you are, but it doesn’t matter – in theory everyone is in your shoes. Unsure about whether they should take that leap of or not. I was in the same place not long ago, but I took that leap and I have never looked back. Like I said before, it could be a private diary entry or a broadcast, just as long as you pick up your pen and make your mark. I know that that young lady will be reading this; I hope that she likes it! 🙂

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