10 Tips For The Olympic Park

For those of you that have not been to the Olympic Park yet, it will definitely be an amazing experience. After having a conversation with someone yesterday, they thought it might be a good idea if they could get an insight into the sort of things that you should know about preparation for the Olympics:

  1. Arrive there nice and early – getting through the queues and the security is a bit difficult. The army are quite stringent there, so make sure you don’t bring a cold drink because they will throw it in the bin. For men, do not wear loose trousers with a belt because you will be asked to take them off (the belt that is!) and for everyone, wear loose-ish trainers as you might have to remove those as well and you don’t want to hold people up.
  2. Eat well before you go – the food there is pretty expensive with not the greatest portion sizes so I would fill up on stuff before you get in. And you will just end of eating McDonalds – oh the irony!
  3. Bring an empty water bottle – rather than paying £2.30 for a bottle of Coke, you can fill up at free water fountains and save yourself some money and probably save your teeth as well. Although you might have to wait in a queue so get one person to do multiple bottles.
  4. Travel light – the chances are that the weather is going to be hot and so lugging around a rucksack is not going to be ideal. You are only permitted to carry a medium size bag anyway so take that into account.
  5. Expect queues/delays – this is probably the most important point. There are going to be lots of people, you are a small fish in an extremely busy, international pond and so don’t do the British thing and complain. Grit your teeth, enjoy the sunshine and bear it because the greatest show on earth only comes around for two weeks in our lifetime.
  6. Take A Walk –the best thing to do is to just explore and look through all the nook and crannies of the park. See if you can find the trail of crayons in the Thames and the meadows of flowers and long grass – really is worth a look!
  7. Talk to Volunteers  – some of them have absolutely amazing stories and information to tell you so do not be afraid to go up and ask them a few questions. They are trained to be polite and smile, so they should hopefully be able to point you in the right direction and give you some good service.
  8. It is not just about Sport – it would be a good idea to download the “Join In” official app on your smart phone and have a look at what is going on elsewhere in London. They have spent millions on making London the best city in the world and so why not enjoy it? Most of it is free anyway, and most of us like a bargain.
  9. Public Transport – make sure that you plan your route before you leave the house, because as soon as you have set foot out of it, you could be stuck and waste a ticket. The Get Ahead Of The Games posters that we have been seeing is a really useful tool to get up to date info and also plan your way in any way out to save you some time and some of your sanity.
  10. Capture it! – for goodness sake, do not forget to take as many pictures and videos as possible and find the weirdest and wackiest things that you can. You can send the best ones on to me and I can post them with your name on this blog and people can have a look at what you have been up to.

That is all from me for now. Hope those of you that are lucky enough to be here will enjoy the games and everyone else on the telly. The greatest show on earth is less than 24 hours away…will you be watching? 

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